Dana Diabecare IIS

It is REAL!


More than 45 years of Insulin Pump innovation. Used by more than 50,000 patients across more than 47 countries worldwide.

Icon based interface makes the pump intuitive and easy to program and easy to learn. 24 languages supported making the pump easy to program and customisable to suit you!

The new

The Dana Diabecare IIS is less expensive than comparable insulin pumps making it one of the most affordable options available.

Half the size & weight, twice the outcome

The Dana Diabecare IIS is lighter and smaller than most comparable insulin pumps. Being so light and small makes it very comfortable and easy to wear.

Technical Specifications

Information Storage and retrieval
  • • Previous 500 bolus doses (month, date, AM/PM, hour, minute, bolus amount)
  • • Previous 500 priming volumes (month, date, AM/PM, hour, minute, prime amount)
  • • Previous 500 total daily insulin dose (month, date, total amount)
  • • Previous 100 alarms (month, date, AM/PM, hour, minute, type (B, O, D))
Special Features
  • • Carbohydrate counting bolus calculator function
  • • Automatic Configuration of Insulin Dosage
  • • Extended Meal Bolus Delivery
  • • Dual Pattern Bolus Delivery
  • • Button Scroll
  • • Display Language Setting
Maximum Basal Rate 8 U/Hr
Basal infusion rate 0.04~1.67 U/Hour (factory setting); upper limit can be increased to up to 8.0 U/hour in Lock-out mode
Basal increment 0.1U, 0.01U
Total Basal increments 24/day, 1 Hour fixed time
Basal Frequency Every 4 min
Basal Unit Setting U/Hr, U/Day
Temporary Basal Rate Increments of 10% up to 200%
Bolus infusion Dose 1.0 ~ 40 U/Bolus (factory setting); upper limit can be increased to up to 80 U in lock-out mode.
Bolus increments 0.1U, 0.5U, 1.0U
Bolus infusion rate 10 sec/U
Accuracy (%) Basal: ± 4.0 / Meal: ± 4.0

Safety Information

Intended use

The DANA Diabecare ⅡS Insulin Pump is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The device is not intended for use with blood or blood products.


Insulin Pump therapy is not recommended for people whose vision or hearing does not allow recognition of pump signals and alarms.


The DANA Diabecare ⅡS system is only to be used by patients who have received training from a certified diabetes educator and/or insulin pump trainer and by advice from a physician. For safety and optimum benefits read the entire user manual before using the system.

General Precautions
  • 1. Pump users need more than 4 blood glucose measurements per day, and vision and hearing to get the pump alarm.
  • 2. Patients must not open the Pump housing or handle any internal components.
  • 3. The DANA Diabecare ⅡS Insulin Pump is intended for use with a proprietary Infusion Set, reservoir and other accessories specified in this booklet. DO NOT use the Pump with any other infusion system or accessories.
  • 4. Press buttons with the pad of the finger. DO NOT use fingernails or any sharp objects.
  • 5. The Insulin Pump comes with factory default settings and alarms, maximum daily totals, basal and bolus doses. These settings can be adjusted by a healthcare professional.
  • Glucose Check Alarm
    Maximum Daily Total
    Maximum Bolus
    Maximum Basal
  • 6. The reservoir and Infusion Set are supplied with sterile and intended for single use only. DO NOT reuse.
  • 7. Change the reservoir and the Infusion Set regularly, as recommended by your healthcare professional. DO NOT use for longer than 72 hours.
  • 8. Check the expiration dates and dispose of any expired accessories.
  • 9. Avoid impact damage such as dropping. If there is any known damage of pump and accessory, contact your healthcare professional or technical support from the local Insulin Pump distributor.
  • 10. For any trouble with any of the system components, turn off the Insulin Pump by removing the battery and contact your healthcare professional or your Insulin Pump trainer.
  • 11. Remove the battery for long-term storage.
  • updated on 2021-10-19