Soft Release O

The set that spins – freely rotates 360 degrees!
Increases site selection areas and ease of insertion.

● Features


· Three layer non DEHP curl resistant designed for insulin pump use

· Blue tube makes insulin and air bubbles easier to see

· More discreet, matches dark clothing better


· Closed system proven to prevent germ migration

Low Profile

· Smooth dome shape – reduces clothing snags

· Low dexterity connector design, one-hand connection is easy

Body Grip Tape

· Body heat activated

· Semi-transparent, closely matches skin tone

· Minimizes sticky tape residue

Flexible Catheter

· 26 gauge makes Soft Release O one of the smallest catheters on the market

· Independent testing shows Soft Release O has the lowest penetration force of any 90 degree set (minimum pain during insertion and more comfort during use) 6mm & 9mm cannula lengths


· High strength designed to protect set during travel.

● Catalogue Number

Cat. Number S6061 S6091 S8091
Cannula length 6mm 9mm 9mm
Tubing Length 24” (60cm) 24” (60cm) 31” (80cm)

Reusable auto insertion tool available

Easy Release

90degree fine steel cannula

● Features


· Designed for insulin pump usage

· Spring clip mechanism – easy disconnect / reconnect

Low Profile

· Very slim shape – reduces clothing snags


· Hypoallergenic reduces irritation

· Minimizes sticky tape residue


· 27G and 29G steel

· 90degree straight insertion

· 4.5mm, 7mm and 9mm lengths


· Sterile individually packed

● Catalogue Number

Stainless steel cannula Gauge/Length Tubing Lenght
100mm 600mm 700mm 1100mm
27G 4.5mmSU303 SU317 SU315 SU316
7mm SU301 SU318 SU313 SU311
9mm SU302 SU319 SU314 SU312
29G 4.5mmER0145 ER0645 ER0745 ER1145
7mmER0170 ER0670 ER0770 ER1170
9mmER0190 ER0690 ER0790 ER1190

Safety Information

Intended use

The DANA infusion sets are intended for the subcutaneous infusion of insulin from a SOOIL insulin pump. The infusion sets are neither intended nor indicated for use with blood.

General Precautions
  • 1. Replace the reservoir and the infusion set every 3 days as recommended by your health care professional.
  • 2. The reservoir and infusion set are intended for single use only. Do not reuse either the reservoir or infusion set. Reuse can cause serious illnesses (Septicemia, HBV, HVC, etc.) from bacterial infection.
  • 3. Do not use the reservoir or infusion set if the package has been damaged, inadvertently opened or wet.
  • 4. The shelf life of the reservoir and the infusion set is 3 years. Please check expiration dates regularly and dispose of any expired accessories.
  • 5. Do not disconnect from your pump for more than one hour without discussing with your healthcare professional on how you should compensate for missed insulin. Carefully monitor blood glucose levels during periods of disconnection and after reconnection.
  • 6. Check the infusion site often for redness, irritation and inflammation.
  • 7. Remember to prime at least 15 units when you replace the reservoir and infusion set to remove for safe insulin delivery.
  • updated on 2021-07-07