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Privacy Policies
1. Personal information use agreement
Sooil affects your personal information and abides by the laws and regulations of the private information protection in Korea such as information communication network promotion and information protection law (hereinafter referred to as 'Information and Communication Network Act') and personal information protection law.
Your company will inform you through the Privacy Policy how your personal information is used and how it is being used, and what steps are being taken to protect your privacy.
• This policy will be effective on September 20, 2018.

2. Personal information collection items
Users do not need to register, but they can use most services such as product introduction, public relations center, customer support (Q & A, FAQ). In order to use the Q & A bulletin board service, the user collects the following minimum personal information
• Personal information collection items: e-mail
• How to collect personal information: Q & A We collect e-mails that you enter when creating a post.

3. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
We use the collected personal information only for the following purposes.
• Membership Management: We use personal information to prevent abuse of fraudulent users and to provide answers to inquiries.

4. Retention and use of personal information
Once the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, we will immediately destroy the information without exception.

5. Procedures and methods for destroying personal information items
The information you enter for posting is destroyed in a non-playable way.
It is stored for a fixed period of time and is destroyed according to the internal policy and other relevant laws and regulations (see the period of possession and use).
Securely destroy personal information in the form of electronic files to prevent recovery and playback.
Outputs are crushed by crusher or destroyed by incineration.
Never use your collected information for other purposes.

6. Consignment of collected personal information
Your company will not entrust your information to outside companies without your consent.
If there is a need for consignment in the future, it will be notified to the user and posted on the homepage.

7. Civil Service on Personal Information
If you have any complaints or comments regarding your personal information, please contact us at (Tel +82-2-3463-0041) and we will promptly notify you of the processing result.

8. Implementation of personal information management person in charge of Ministry of Information and Communication According to personal information protection directive (Article 22 Clause 1), we appoint management person in charge as follows.
Manager: SOOIL Development
Tel: +82-2-3463-0041

9. Information on consumer complaints can report the damages by using the Korea Consumer Protection Board (, and reports related to infringement of personal information are available at the Privacy Complaints Center ( kr).