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SOOIL Development Co., Ltd. has participated in 10th Annual ATTD(Advanced Technologies &Treatments for Diabetes) 
in Paris from February 15 to February 18 as a only Korean company.


Annual ATTD is the international conference that setting the trend for brand new diabetes treatment where experts 

announce and share their research papers and cutting-edge technology.


International participants showed special interest to smart 'DANA Insulin Pump' with new information technology. 

They were into high reliability along with good quality and convenient practical design.


'DANA RS' and 'DANA U', which is being developed by SOOIL, were well received by lots of visitors in ATTD. 

In addition, 'CGMS' and 'OpenAPS' which helps accurate blood sugar management and quality of life from 

stable technology received a lot of praise.


Furthermore, 'ANYDANA-I', a blood sugar management application which is compatible to i-Phone, 

gathered lots of attention and excitement from the users and people concerned since previous version of 

'ANYDANA-A' was only used from android smart phones.


SOOIL Development set the direction for expanding European market from this ATTD event with certainty of 

interest and increased demand that desired results were chieved through European distributors.



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