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Participated in the 42nd Arab Health 2017 held in Dubai

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Sooil Development participated in the 42nd Arab Health 2017 held in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from January 30th to February 2nd.


In this exhibition, there were visiting consultations with the existing local distributors and local production of medical devices companies in the Middle East and we received a lot of inquiries about export consultation from Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan and African companies.


Arab Health 2017 was a chance to prove how SOOIL’s status has been risen.

Overseas visitors to the exhibition showed great interest in the ubiquitous system and smart functions of DANA insulin pump and they were satisfied with the good quality, convenient design and reasonable price.


In particular, 'DANA-U', our new product was unveiled and we released 'AnyDana-i' available for iPhone users as well as 'AnyDana-A', a diabetic management application that has been available only for Android smartphones.

It was enough to attract the attention of industry people.


Sooil Development has set a model and direction for expanding the Middle East market through this exhibition and we are convinced of the growing interest and demand for agents in the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and Iran including UAE and have achieved great results.


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